AstroTurf Is Not All Synthetic Lawn Grass

When you hear the term “Astro turf” it brings to mind a certain type of synthetic grass used on sports fields. But the reality is, Astro turf refers to a brand name, and isn’t a term for all artificial turf.

Is AstroTurf the same as synthetic grass?

The original AstroTurf came about in the 1960s, and was invented for a recreation area at the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. It was originally named ChemGrass, but gained the Astrodome name when it was first installed in the stadium for the Houston Astros baseball team in 1966.

While the synthetic surface was an improvement over the dirt and mud that were typical of outdoor sports fields at the time, it wasn’t without its share of problems. One such problem was the friction burns that athletes experienced while sliding on the synthetic turf. Luckily, more advanced types of synthetic grass were developed that addressed this issue and others.

Nowadays, homeowners often use astroturf as a way to make their lawns more appealing and easier to maintain. Depending on their specific needs and budget, homeowners can choose from a variety of brands that include nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene turf.

Astroturf is also commonly used for playgrounds, putting greens, rooftops, indoor sports & agility centers and more. While the original AstroTurf may have sparked an interest in many people who have never heard of it before, today, the industry has evolved to include several different types of synthetic lawns that are a great alternative to natural grass.…

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