Types of Contracts For Temporary Workers in France

EuWorkers of their nationality, foreign workers who want to work in france need to have a work permit. This authorisation may take the form of a visa or a separate document. In this article, we cover the most important aspects of the process and the conditions governing the employment of temporary foreign workers in france.

Non-EU/EFTA citizens wishing to work in france must first obtain a long stay visa from the French Embassy or consulate in their home country (for UK nationals, this would be the Embassy in London). Once they have obtained the visa, they can then apply for a work permit at one of the regional offices of the Directorate General for Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment, or DREETS.

Temporary Employment Trends in France: Insights and Analysis

The most common type of contract for temporary workers in france is a contrat de travail temporaire, also known as an interim agreement. It is a three-way contract between the employer, employee and temp agency and lasts for the length of a particular assignment. This type of contract is most commonly used to replace absent employees, for example during maternity, paternity or sick leave; to cover a temporary increase in activity; and to cover jobs that are by their nature not long-term, such as seasonal work or event support.

Another type of contract is a CDD a objet definit, which is mainly used for engineers and managers. This is a fixed-term contract that can be renewed up to a maximum of 36 months. In some cases, it is possible for a CDD to be replaced by a permanent contract after a certain period of time, if the worker has proved his or her value to the company.