SDA Accommodation – The Current State of the Market

SDA accommodation Sydney is an innovative option for participants with high support needs who want to live more independently. It’s important to note that SDA funding is only for the housing or home itself – it doesn’t cover any in-home supports or services. SDA housing is a range of specialist dwellings that can suit different needs, from apartments in mixed developments to modified freestanding homes.

SDA Accommodation Sydney improved liveability features, such as ceiling hoists, wider doorways, enhanced physical accessibility, and accessible bathrooms and kitchens. These features can help improve your independence and allow supports to be delivered more effectively. They can also provide a sense of safety and security, and ensure you are always comfortable in your home.

It’s essential to choose an SDA provider who will offer the right type of housing and design category for your needs. This will ensure you get the most out of your SDA funding and enjoy a safe and secure living environment that is right for you.

Discovering SDA Accommodation in Sydney

Brent discusses the current state of SDA accommodation and the changes that need to be made for the market to thrive in 2023.

The National Disability Insurance Agency should release more detailed and frequent information on demand for SDA. This should include projected demand, current vacancies and SDA dwellings completed or in the pipeline. Frequent publication of this data should encourage SDA providers to respond by building the right types of dwellings in the right locations.