HD Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation Contractor is a unique product that acts as both an air barrier and an insulator. It is sprayed as a liquid that expands to fill all the nooks and crannies of your home, offering a great deal of flexibility and design creativity. Its unique composition also makes it a great product for addressing hard-to-reach spaces and complex structures, such as domed ceilings.

Redefining Insulation Standards: HD Spray Foam’s Advanced Technology

The two chemicals used to make spray foam insulation are isocyanates and polyol resin, which are kept in separate hoppers or tanks until they meet at the tip of a spray gun, where they react and create an effective air and vapor barrier. This process emits a very high level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), so it is important to use the proper safety equipment, which most spray foam contractors will have on hand. This includes respirators and masks, as well as protective gloves and goggles to prevent eye irritation. Repeated exposure can sensitize people to the isocyanates and lead to allergic reactions, such as dermatitis.

There are several different formulations of spray foam insulation, ranging from open-cell to closed-cell, each with its own distinct cured properties and intended applications. For example, if you are using spray foam in the rough-in stage of construction, it is best to choose an open-cell formulation to help with the airflow and ventilation in the walls. Closed-cell foam, on the other hand, is more durable and can provide protection from both air and moisture.

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