Spray Foam Insulation 316 Insulation

If you want a home that’s comfortable and efficient, spray foam insulation is the way to go. This type of 316 Insulation is sprayed in place and expands to fill every nook and cranny, providing superior coverage that fiberglass batt insulation cannot. It’s also extremely durable and long-lasting.

The Benefits of Choosing Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation is typically sprayed on the walls, attic and rim joist of an existing home or a new construction. It can also be applied to pole barns, concrete block walls and foundations. The process starts with a team cleaning the area to be insulated and ensuring it’s free from dirt, dust, debris and contaminants. This is important because if the surface isn’t clean, air can leak through.

Next, the team will use a high-end spray rig to apply the insulation. These machines are designed to mix and spray perfect foam every time, preventing any gaps or misses. They also have sensors that ensure the foam is mixed at the correct temperature. The team will also wear full face and respiratory protection while working with the product.

There are two types of spray foam insulation: open cell and closed-cell. The difference is the makeup of the small bubbles that make up the foam. Open cell spray foam is a bit less dense and more flexible, while closed-cell is denser and much more rigid. Closed-cell spray foam also creates an air and vapor barrier, eliminating the need for a separate vapor barrier.

316 Insulation
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