Namibia Hunting Safari

Namibia Hunting Safari

About Namibia Hunting Safari

A hunting safari in Namibia is an exciting adventure that will take you to beautiful and remote places where your game is abundant. You will also see the amazing Namibian landscape, including the arid Skeleton Coast and the cosmopolitan capital of Windhoek. The country is one of the most affordable in Africa and home to a variety of game species, including elephants and leopards. It is also a popular destination for desert-adapted species like the Hartmann’s mountain zebra and oryx. To find the right Namibia hunting safari for you, first talk to several outfitters and narrow down your list. Consider factors like pricing, size of operation, and whether you want to hunt in a more open or forested habitat. Then look for a good reputation and a professional attitude. Finally, make sure the outfitter is honest and upfront about their operations and what they offer. Find out

Hunts in Namibia range from free-range to big-game, and include plains game such as kudu, gemsbok, springbok, warthog, and duiker. The country is also home to large predators such as lion and cheetah, as well as hippopotamus, crocodile, and a variety of antelope. The Caprivi Strip and Kalahari Desert are popular destinations for hunters seeking more challenging species such as kudu, hartebeest, and oryx.

In Search of Adventure: Planning Your Namibia Hunting Safari

Some tourism operators and guides criticise the hunting industry in Namibia to their visitors, but this is not a good way to educate people about wildlife conservation. Instead, it is much better to explain that conservation needs incentives and markets and that sustainable wildlife management is the best way to maintain or even increase wildlife numbers. Hunting also provides revenue to support anti-poaching efforts.